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Get started quickly on Amazon with a hot product pick from our expert system!

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We submit your job to our expert system software.  Our exclusive expert system searches and tracks potential hot products based on the expert system’s training criteria.  Once a hot product is identified, the product is automatically entered into a database where the expert system continues to monitor sales and competition for the product.  It generally takes 4-6 weeks for the expert system to track and classify hot products because it has to record a history of performance data for the products it is tracking.

Our expert system runs on servers on Amazon’s AWS which we pay for hourly CPU use.  This system requires a lot of CPU power and bandwidth, and that is provided by AWS.

Why would you want a hot product pick?  Many new sellers are hesitant when picking the first product to sell on Amazon.  The hot product picks gives the new Amazon seller a quick start to selling by bypassing the initial product research phase.

Hot product picks income target is $2500 per month per product.  That is the target but it often is higher than $2500 per month.  A hot product pick can pay for itself 4x over in the first month on Amazon!

You will receive a full report including suggested suppliers for your hot product pick!