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Comments by students of Kevin David Hulse’s Amazon Full Ninja Course:

Garbage! I bought his course because he says “guaranteed satisfaction or 100% money back!”

Well guess what. It’s pure S**T. This is basic crap that you find free on YouTube all day! And knowledge I already knew.

So I go to get my money back. There response was “hold on now, you’ve viewed more than 51% of the course, you are not eligible for the refund.” Of course in extremely small print somewhere on the site it says that.

Well good thing I paid via credit card because I went to make a dispute, and won. Got my money back.

I go to his Facebook group and call him out. As you would expect I was kicked out and blocked. His group is so s**t anyways. Anytime you have any question, he has his little peasant “affiliates” reply with, PM ME NOW I know a solution! After messaging them, these clowns are pushing you to buy his course! F**king annoying as s**t.

Allow me to add, he’s a terrible speaker, stumbles his words, terrible camera set up with background being kitchen cabinets.

Part of his course is, “exclusive membership to his Facebook group.” Wait, affiliates are trying to sell you courses after you already bought into it? Yes. I dont know wtf is going on either.

Anyways another thing that was top notching annoying was… his Facebook group is a big ass informercial! “Omg, I’ve made $50k a month after watching Kevin’s course I’m so thankful!” With some shady sh**ty screen shot.

You see this aaaaalll day. After being apart of this group and seeing this, I knew it was a scam and went to get my money back.

I was embarrassed I signed up for that s**t. Don’t feel like a fool. Stay away.

Well good thing I paid via credit card because I went to make a dispute, and won. Got my money back.


If there’s anything I’ve learned as a kid, it’s that you never get what you pay for when you sign up for a Ninja course. The name builds up expectations but ends in disappointment. I can only assume that’s still the case going into adulthood.

Never trust someone with two first names.  His real name is Kevin David Hulse and he lives with his mom.

the word ninja is the same as guru is the same as scam artist.

The word Guru is from Sanskrit meaning Spiritual leader who leads one from darkness to lightness in Hinduism.

For this ninja course it leads people to darkness and keeps them there.

Obvious scam.

Top tip: if selling on Amazon was so lucrative, he’d be too busy doing that, not selling his course.

General rule of thumb: if someone describes themselves (or product) as a ninja, they are not a ninja. Ninja’s do bad ass stuff in the shadows.