Candlestick Charts And Pattern Fundamentals: A Beginner’s Guide

Understanding candlestick charts and candlestick patterns is an important skill that everyone who is considering trading needs to know to become a profitable trader. Without this knowledge, you are gambling, not investing.

In this video, we will discuss how candlestick patterns are used and the most common candlestick patterns that you need to know as a new investor/trader.

The patterns discussed are:

1. The Doji (long tail, dragonfly, and gravestone)

2. The Hammer

3. The Hanging Man

4. The Shooting Star

5. The Bearish and Bullish Checkmate

6. The Evening Star

7. The Morning Star

8. The Bullish Engulfing

9. The Bearish Engulfing

10. The Harami/Inside Star

11. The Kicker

12. The Piercing Line

13. The Dark Cloud Cover

14. The Three White Soldiers

15. The Three Black Crows

16. The Tweezer

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