In this video, I talk about dirty tricks that unscrupulous Amazon sellers use against their competition. These are black hat tricks used by Amazon Sellers. In this video, which is the second in a series of videos about Amazon seller’s dirty tricks, I talk about the “bogus infringement claim” or claiming that the competition is infringing on your brand rights on Amazon. The result is that your product ASIN gets taken down and you lose the ability to sell your product on Amazon.

I will tell you how you can identify this bogus infringement claim dirty trick and how to deal with it with Amazon by submitting a DMCA counterclaim. This is a very fast way of resolving the fake infringement claim and get to selling your product again as soon as possible.

This bogus infringement claim dirty trick is commonly made against private label sellers as well.

Do not let these unethical Amazon seller dirty tricks be used against you. Unfortunately, most Amazon FBA courses created by supposed “Amazon FBA Gurus” do not cover this subject.

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