In this video, I talk about dirty tricks that unscrupulous Amazon sellers use against their competition. These are black hat tricks used by Amazon Sellers. In this video, which is the second in a series of videos about Amazon seller’s dirty tricks, I talk about “the counterfeit switch” or setting up your competition’s product to appear to be a counterfeit on Amazon. The result is that your Amazon Seller Account gets suspended and you lose your selling privileges as an Amazon seller.

I tell you how you can identify this counterfeit switching dirty trick and how to deal with it with Amazon by submitting a Plan Of Action or POA. I show you what you need to put in your Plan Of Action or POA to get Amazon to reinstate your selling privileges.

I also talk about how Retail Arbitrage on Amazon is especially susceptible to this scam and why it is so susceptible to the Counterfeit Switch dirty trick.

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