In this video, I am going to talk to you about the fourth quarter on Amazon also known as Q4 and how it affects your monthly sales. Basically what you can expect from fourth-quarter sales on Amazon.

Most of the data that you find on the internet about what you can expect from Amazon Q4 sales says you can expect an increase of about 30 to 50% over your normal monthly sales.

In November, you can expect a considerable increase in sales on the days around Black Friday, and Cyber Monday especially if you run promotions during that time.

Also, December 21st is, generally the busiest shopping day of the year and this applies to Amazon sales too.

Looking back over the data from my Amazon business for the fourth quarters of 2016, 2017 and 2018, I can give you an idea of some real-world sales numbers that you might expect from your business.

In November, my sales typically increased about 4x over my typical sales in previous months. And in December, my sales increased about 5x over my typical monthly sales.

So overall, I saw an average boost in sales of about 4 and a half times the normal sales I make in the months prior to November and December.

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