In this video, I am going to talk about the three keys to success in your eCommerce business. In my 35+ years of experience in business, I have found that there is a common set of factors that can make or break a new business venture. Why are some people so successful in business and others can’t seem to not fail?

You know the failures, they are the ones who say “you can’t make real money in ‘xxxx’ business and anyone who tells you that you can is scamming you”. One of the common threads that I have noticed with these bitter and negative people is that they thought that starting their own business was going to be easy – at least the online Gurus said it would be – heck, the gurus tell you that you only have to work a few hours per week to make 100k+ a year. 100K and year from passive income while you relax on a beach somewhere or travel the world! However, the first time these people run into any hardship or problem, they give up. It’s too much work and not the fun that they thought it was.

The people who succeed do so through persistent hard work. Yes, maybe at some point they will be able to only work a few hours per week to sustain their income for short periods, but mostly it takes continuous work and devotion to your business. Things change quickly in the online business world and you have to continually stay on top of things or risk decreasing sales and income as your competitors take it away from you.

So what are these three keys to success?

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