In this video, I am going to compare the accuracy of various commonly used research tools to see which is the most consistently accurate when it comes to estimating sales of a product per month. Hopefully, you will find this useful when deciding upon a product research tool for Amazon FBA.

I picked 10 of the products that I currently sell on Amazon. I tried to pick ones that were similar in category and tried to pick products that have a range of monthly sales.

I have sorted the sales per month column of this spreadsheet in decreasing order, so you can see that product 1 has 1244 actual sales per month and product 10 has 13 actual sales per month. BTW, product 10 is my worst-selling product and I will probably do a future video about it.

The product research tools that I have tested are:

Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Viral Launch
Unicorn Smasher

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