In the future, Amazon plans to store hazardous items in a new kind of warehouse designed specifically for that sort of merchandise.

The company has been criticized repeatedly for allegedly prioritizing productivity over the safety of its employees. And in December, CNBC reported that Amazon had received dozens of reports from the Office of Hazardous Materials Safety in 2018 alleging its packages violated regulations required by the US Department of Transportation. Building centralized facilities designed to follow these rules will likely cut down on the number of unsafe deliveries and accidents in the future.

Despite Amazon’s push to deliver Prime orders in a single day, storing different items in separate locations could slow things down. It might make it harder to ship stuff like cleaning supplies and T-shirts in the same package, for example. The retail giant also has long favored an organized chaos approach inside its fulfillment centers, where merchandise is mixed together—toothpaste with coffee mugs, greeting cards alongside nail clippers, and cat food next to foot cream.

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