Hot Product Picks Are Now Available To All

Previously, hot product picks were only available to students of my Ultimate Amazon Seller Course.  I have now opened purchasing to anyone – you do not have to be a student in my course!

What is a hot product pick?

A hot product pick is a product that I have done the product research on and determined that it is a good product to sell on Amazon. I use software that I wrote called an “expert system” and the software has been trained over many iterations to recognize low competition, good products for new Amazon sellers. Depending on what plan you pick, I send you a list of links to product recommendations. It is for new sellers that are still not sure about product research and it gets them jump started on their first products to sell on Amazon.

Hey Phil! Your hot product picks turned out to be real winner for me. They got me started quickly and using the methods you teach in your course I was able to get them on page one for all the important search terms! Thank you Phil for a great course and for providing the hot product pick service to us new guys!
John Wagner
Student 2019