Here is a Cease and Desist template that I have successfully used on Amazon Hijackers. I hope this template will be helpful to you:

Re: Name and Trademark Violation


It has come to our attention that your Company is using the [YOUR BRAND]® and/or the [YOUR COMPANY]® name and trademark to sell products on the Amazon[.COM, .DE, .CO.UK, .CA, .MX, ETC…] marketplace, in violation of multiple international and national criminal laws, as well as civil laws regarding trademark infringement and unfair competition.

Our company, [YOUR COMPANY]® is the exclusive distributor and the owner of the brand. We have never granted permission to your company to sell our brand nor have we sold you inventory for resale.

This will serve as your legal notice to cease and desist all further actions described above, including any mention of our products/company on your listings on any marketplace, websites or marketing efforts.

You are hereby instructed to comply with this letter immediately or face legal sanctions under applicable International, Federal and/or State law.

I have also reported your trademark and copyright violation to Amazon Seller Performance. You have 24 hours to comply or we will take further legal action against you.


[Owner, {President}, {Founder}, {CEO}, {ETC…}]

1. Go to the hijacker’s seller profile page on Amazon.
2. Click on “Ask Seller a Question”.
3. Select “Other” for type of inquiry.
4. Paste the template after you have filled out the words in brackets, i.e. []


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