Expert System 1 Hot Product Pick


Get started quickly on Amazon with 1 exclusive hot product pick from our expert system!

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We submit your job to our expert system software.  The expert system searches and tracks potential hot products based on the expert system’s training criteria.  Once a hot product is identified, the product is automatically entered into a database where the expert system continues to monitor sales and competition for the product.  It generally takes 4-6 weeks for the expert system to track and classify hot products because it has to record a history of performance data for the products it is tracking.  As a customer, you get your own encrypted database so that the hot product pick is exclusive to you.  No one else gets the same product pick.

The expert system runs on servers on Amazon’s AWS which we pay for hourly CPU use.  This system requires a lot of CPU power and bandwidth, and that is provided by AWS.

Why would you want a hot product pick?  Many new sellers are hesitant when picking the first product to sell on Amazon.  The hot product picks gives the new Amazon seller a quick start to selling by bypassing the initial product research phase.