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Amazon Acronyms – FBA, FBM, MFN, SFP, ASIN, UPC, SKU, FNSKU – WHAT???

In this video, I will attempt to decipher the various Amazon acronyms and terms that the new Amazon FBA seller will come upon when attempting to sell on Amazon.
The Amazon acronyms I discuss are FBA, FBM, MFN, SFP, BSR, ASIN, UPC, SKU, and FNSKU – which are Fulfillment By Amazon, Fulfillment By Merchant also know as Merchant Fulfillment Network, Seller Fulfilled Prime, Best Seller Rank, Amazon Standard Identification Number, Universal Product Code, Stock Keeping Unit, and Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit.
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Free Amazon FBA Course Giveaway 2018

In this video, I announce the upcoming free Ultimate Amazon Seller course giveaway, how I will select the winner, and I give an update on the Amazon Profit Clock. I show my total 2017 earnings as well as the start of 2018.

I give away am enrollment in my course for every 1000 subscribers to my channel. The first giveaway was at 3000 subscribers and now that I have reached 4000 subscribers, it is time for another one.

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Amazon’s Product Listing Policy | Important to Know! | No Seller Account Suspension!

In this video I cover Amazon’s Product Detail Page listing policy and the implications of violating these policies in your product listing. Following these guidelines and policies will ensure that you create product listings that adhere to Amazon’s requirements. Sadly, most Amazon Guru FBA courses do not cover or mention these policies and this can get the new Amazon seller in trouble with his/her Amazon Seller Account. You can find these policies in Amazon Seller Central help.

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Your Amazon Business and Taxes | What You Need To Know 2017 2018

In this video, I will discuss the various taxes that you will need to be aware of when operating your Amazon business. There is not only income taxes to worry about for your Amazon FBA business, there are others you should know about.

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New and Unconventional Amazon Product Research 2017 2018

In this video, I describe ways to do new and unconventional methods of product research on Amazon. Most Amazon FBA courses do not cover unconventional ways to do product research – they usually rely on paid tools such as Jungle Scout and others. This is a no cost, free way of doing product research on Amazon!

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How To Avoid Amazon Seller Account Termination

In this video, I cover Amazon’s prohibited seller activities and actions policy to help you avoid getting your Amazon seller account suspended, or terminated. Most Amazon FBA courses do not warn you of these pitfalls that will get your Amazon Seller account suspended or terminated.

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